Find the Solution to Depression.

Depression is a result of negative feelings that led to unwanted behavior patterns

Based on more than two decades of clinical practice, I believe that at least 85% of American population suffers from symptoms of depression and anxiety. The ironic thing is that many of them are not aware of it because the symptoms are often masked as behavior patterns that don’t seem related. What they do understand is that they are experiencing one or more of the following feelings:

Sadness, lethargy, lack of motivation, procrastination, anger, resentment, fear, grief, isolation, passivity, self pity, hopelessness, despair, despondency and lack of control of one’s life

These patterns block happiness

Yes, these feelings are part of a normal life. What people are not aware of, however, is that these feelings lead to unwanted behaviors, resulting in depression when they are repeated over and over again. They often wonder why they feel depressed, but they can’t seem to find happiness. A few of the ways this shows up is by attracting the same type of unwanted partner, experiencing financial lack, and self-sabotage that limits success on many levels.

Behaviors are a barometer of negative emotions

Another way to identify depression is through understanding the conditions of one’s life. In what area(s) of your life are you experiencing discomfort? Behaviors are the barometers of our emotional condition. Whatever unwanted behaviors you are experiencing are a result of negative emotions.

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