Emotions can kill

There is external and internal stress. The way we react to situations creates internal stress. The situations themselves supply external stress. The destructive effects of overwhelming internal stress is powerful enough to kill. Emotions that torment the body as well as the mind are well documented. Research indicates that as many as two thirds of all hospital beds are occupied by people whose illnesses have an emotional root cause. Everyone experiences stress but when stress increases to a level that is intolerable, the body begins to break down and illnesses can occur. Our bodies send out physical, emotional, and behavioral warning signs of approaching illness, which include: anger, inability to concentrate, unproductive worry, sadness and frequent mood swings. Physical warning signs include: stooped posture, sweaty palms, fatigue, weight gain or loss and other subtle signals. Behavioral warning signs that may lead to illness include: over-reacting, acting on impulse, using alcohol or drugs, withdrawing from relationships, and/or changing jobs often.

Eliminating Unwanted Defense Mechanisms

Often we cannot rid ourselves of the things or people that cause stress, nor can we change them. What we can do is change how we react. Over-reactions come from defense mechanisms. The Sidman Solution® eliminates unwanted defense mechanisms by going to the root cause of the problem in a very natural way and without the use of drugs. In addition, it has proven to eliminate many illnesses, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, IBS, chronic pain, headaches, cancer, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, colitis and many other illnesses.

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