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Significant change in our lifetimes

What an extraordinary time we live in today. Just think—a person of 70 years old has seen more significant change in their lifetime than five previous generations combined! Consider the evolution of every aspect of life, from travel to communications; from entertainment to healthcare, from manufacturing to recycling—advances so immense as to be almost unfathomable.

21st Century – New Pioneer in the field of therapy

The same thing is true in the field of therapy. The field of hypnotherapy has evolved from the craft of mystics and stage shows to a mainstay tool of clinicians, therapists and complementary healthcare providers. Now, in the 21st century, we have a new pioneer in the field of the subconscious mind, Dr. Jacqueline Sidman. The Sidman Solution® is fresh and innovative, and promises to increase the probability of rapid and permanent change for those who desire it. Dr. Sidman created her methods through her personal insights, and further developed them over many years of working with others. Hundreds of case studies attest to the effectiveness of this groundbreaking work.

Dr. Sidman is an Innovator

"I have been a professional colleague of Dr. Jacqueline Sidman for over two decades, and I never cease to be impressed with her conscientious approach to therapy. She is a researcher and clinician who is constantly seeking ways to improve the lives of her clients. With the creation of The Sidman Solution,® she has made it possible to achieve amazing results in the therapeutic setting. I am impressed with her methods and astounded at the results she has achieved with her clients. I am personally grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to this outstanding contribution." RICHARD A . NEVES, Ph.D.

Professional Public Speaker, Consultant and media expert

Dr. Sidman is a sought-after consultant and professional public speaker, and has addressed audiences at UCI Medical Center, the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, plus a number of hospitals, corporations, business expos, community events and associations. Dr. Sidman has been featured in more than five hundred newspaper and magazine articles, as well as television and radio programs. She has hosted her own radio show on KRLA, and two cable television shows, Health & Happiness and Glendora Spotlight.

Published Author

A published author, some of Dr. Sidman's works include her books and audio CD's found on the Products page:

Instant Inner Peace! End Your Inner Struggle & Feel Better Right Now!

The "Key to.." series of books & audio CD's, including:

The Key to a Happier Life – A Revolutionary Process for Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

A 4 audio CD and workbook entitled:

The Key to Reducing Stress & Achieving Better Health

All of these products help people overcome life-limiting patterns to achieve a freer existence.

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