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Self Esteem Returns Naturally

Self esteem is the result of working within The Sidman Solution®. It arrives naturally after healing of all the discomfort experienced from early negative emotions. There are so many symptoms that come from poor self esteem. In addition to depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, health issues and blocks to success are compulsive behaviors that surface as a consequence of this early discomfort. Compulsive overeating/under-eating, alcoholism, drug addiction, or sexual addiction or any other addictions, nervous habits, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling, teeth-grinding, including repetitive habits, such as repetitively turning off lights, making sure doors are locked, etc. all arise out of poor self esteem.

Rewiring Neural Pathways without Medication

In my experience, these and other presenting symptoms originate from initial sensitizing events or experiences, where the individual accepts a way of being. The early interpretations that children store in their perceptions become ingrained, or imprinted, and the neural pathways of the emotional memory appears to be set for life. With The Sidman Solution®, these neural pathways can be rewired with new, more well-adapted information, if the individual is ready and willing to make a change. The results can be life-changing and “forever,” if accepted by the individual. Seemingly immoveable patterns can be altered in the same way a computer can be edited. The difference is that the computer is a machine, but human beings are more complex, and require the desire of the individual to install the information. This is a departure from traditional hypnotherapy, where the practitioner is simply giving suggestions. The Sidman Solution®, is highly interactive and requires the active participation of the individual, a very empowering process.

Enhanced Self Esteem

"I originally came to see Dr. Sidman because I knew that I needed to boost my self-esteem if I was to move forward in my career goals. Our work together has been very successful in that respect. My self-esteem has skyrocketed. In addition to that, I have gained a deeper inner peace since our first session, when I discovered and dispelled my anger at my best friend's mom, who made my best friend move away when I was only four or five years old. I am also much more patient with my nine-year old son; in retrospect it seems as though I had been angry with him for several years. I have an idea of what the connection is, and that is not important, but the tremendous relief I have gained is just wonderful. I also moved out of my job as a systems administrator and have pursued a career as a public speaker and seminar trainer, something I may never have even known I wanted to do prior to The Sidman Solution®. It's absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for all you have done for me." D. W.
"I came to see Dr. Sidman because I had a self-esteem crisis. Being that I was terribly shy and ready to meet some very high powered people left me rattling in my boots. Dr. Sidman worked with me using The Sidman Solution® on my inner child, but more than that she gave me the skills I needed to 'call up' my subconscious. With this new information and new skills I've gained a whole new dimension of myself and self love regardless of circumstances.” G.C.


The manifestations of negative emotional memories may show up as, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, phobias, shyness, diabetes, ADD, cancer etc., as listed above, however, the root cause is very much the same. It is not the manifestation of the malady that is important. The manifestation is only the external visible result (symptom) of the inner pain that was caused from feelings stored under early defense mechanisms. The commonality that most people have is that at some point in their young lives, their perceptions of themselves were diminished by feeling: unloved, unwanted, unworthy, not enough, felt like a "bad" boy or girl, felt as though they did not measure up to others, thereby constantly comparing themselves to others, were not perfect, felt like a mistake, were rejected by others, felt like they didn't "fit in", became fearful and anxious as a result of: hearing others fight, carrying other's emotions, hiding from conflict, being punished without kindness, not being listened to, not being cared about, feeling like a bother, feeling like a disappointment, being dismissed and many more negative feelings.

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